Love him or hate him, Rush Limbaugh has a large and loyal following. Today, in a "what-the-heck" moment several news organizations have been reporting that Rush Limbaugh has recorded two Public Service Announcements supporting the vegan-driven Humane Society of the United States.

According to the Animal Agriculture Alliance, one of the audio spots promotes HSUS’ growing effort to tie into the evangelical Christian movement. The spot is specifically targeted as an outreach to religious organizations.

One commentary by Wesley Smith, a senior fellow in bioethics, says Limbaugh supporting HSUS “is really against everything for which he stands.” Read his comments here.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance has urged anyone in the livestock, dairy and poultry industries to e-mail Rush at to urge him to further examine HSUS and reconsider his support of the organization. The Alliance also urges folks in those industries to write their own letter expressing feelings and reactions, but to get you started the Alliance offers a sample letter available here.