Pig roasts aren’t just for exotic islands and extravagant bacchanalias.  Farmland’s New Fire Pit Pigs allow anyone to create a truly memorable dining experience.

These succulent roasting pigs are perfect for a variety of operations:

Restaurants can prepare Farmland Fire Pit Pigs for private parties of all sizes, making for a tasty and attention grabbing main dish.

Caterers can utilize the Farmland Fire Pit Pigs for any event, from receptions to corporate outings, with a variety of sizes available to serve any sized crowd.

Retailers can offer their customers the ability to order Farmland Fire Pit Pigs directly from the deli counter, opening up a new revenue stream for parties, tailgating and other social events.

These delicious whole pigs can be prepared in a variety of ways to suit the occasion, including in a convection oven, over an open pit, in a smoker or even in a La Caja China Box.  They also come in different sizes to accommodate any type of gathering:

• 20 – 30 lb: serves approximately 16 – 24
• 30 – 40 lb: serves approximately 24 – 32
• 50 – 60 lb: serves approximately 40 – 48
• 70 – 80 lb: serves approximately 56 – 64
• 90 – 100 lb: serves approximately 72 – 80

“There’s nothing quite like the spectacle of a pig roast,” said Chip Morgan, Brand Manager, Farmland Foodservice.  “Fire Pit Pigs are much easier to prepare than you would think, and they offer any type of business a really unique calling card to service social gatherings and events.  You can prepare them in a host of ways, and the flavor is truly outstanding.”

Farmland Fire Pit Pigs are available in five different sizes, and include eye-catching marketing materials to help stimulate customer interest, along with preparation and serving suggestions.

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Source: Farmland Foodservice.