Atkins Nutritionals and Sara Lee Foods have joined forces to market a new line of low-carbohydrate pizzas. The pizzas contain at least 70 percent fewer digestible grams of carbohydrates than traditional pizzas. Each of the single-serving pizzas in the Atkins Quick Quisine Pizza line has only 11 grams of net carbohydrates. They contain more fiber and protein than traditional pizzas and have no hydrogenated oil, according to the company’s promotions.

The low-carbohydrate diet phenomenon shows no signs of peaking. Atkins purchased the back cover of the June 7, edition of Newsweek to promote its Web site, where consumers can “find 8,000-plus pages of information grounded in science, including recipes, FAQs, success stories and low-carb facts.”

Many market analysts cite the various low-carbohydrate diets in boosting pork demand, and consequently live-hog prices during increased levels of meat supplies.  Pizza makers are big users of processed pork.