Q: I think I’m the only one here who does anything extra. I clean up after everyone else by sweeping the floors, taking out the trash, washing the laundry and clearing the break room counters — in addition to all my production jobs. I’m sick of this. How can we set up something that makes it fair?

A: Work with your boss to list the regular “clean up” jobs that need to be done daily or weekly, such as taking out trash, cleaning counters, sweeping, mopping, laundry, cleaning shower floors and dishes, and much more.

What seems to work well is to coordinate each job with the people who are on duty for the regular weekend schedule. This solves the issue of ensuring tasks get done by the end of the week. It allows you to have rules that clarify that these jobs will be done by Sunday evening so that they are completed when everyone comes in on Monday morning. It also will be obvious if the jobs are not complete.

Have consequences. Anyone who didn’t complete his/her job by Monday morning has to pressure wash, mop floors, knock down cobwebs or other jobs that are among the least pleasant. Have a list of those jobs prepared ahead of time so that it’s clear what the consequences will be.

Another way to put some accountability in such tasks is for management to make the consistent completion the tasks part of people’s annual performance reviews.

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