You need loading chutes to move pigs from buildings or lots onto trucks or trailers. If the loading chute is well-designed, pigs will flow like water through the chute.

Julie Morrow-Tesch, animal behaviorist with USDA's Agricultural Research Service, has some suggestions for designing a loading chute:

  • Use strong, well-constructed side panels. These panels can be solid or mesh as long as the mesh does not throw shadows across the floor. It can spook pigs.
  • Lighting should be uniform.
  • A straight chute is preferred to one that bends.
  • Avoid sharp angles, corners and turns. If a turn is required, a rounded path is preferred.
  • Space floor cleats appropriately in regards to the size of pigs you're moving. If you are moving more than 600 pigs per hour, use a double chute system.
  • Be sure the chute isn't drafty.