Iowa StateUniversity's food-safety Web site just got broader. The site,,  has been expanded to include podcasting and streaming video technology that offers presentations of interest to foodservice personnel.

Among the offerings are three new videos that target schools and assisted-living facilities. Specifically, they address time and temperature aspects of safe cooking and handling procedures. The videos also review cleaning and sanitizing steps, and employee health and hygiene issues such as hand washing. They can be downloaded as MP4 files.

The other features include interactive modules with presentations on food temperature monitoring, hand washing, cross-contamination issues and cleaning and sanitizing. A viewer can click on an image that takes them to a series of images that provides instructions, and then advances to the next part. The images are animated to illustrate the appropriate ways of performing tasks.

Maintenance and production of the site is supported by funds from the Food Safety Consortium.

Source:, Iowa  StateUniversity