Every pork producer’s goal, whether he has 500 sows or 5,000 sows, should be to “manage the operation so that ordinary people can produce extra-ordinary results,” says Tom Furhman, veterinarian and founder of DairyWorks in Tempe, Ariz. To do that, he says producers need to organize the work.

In short, says Furhman, it means you need to invest in job descriptions. Organizing the work is, quite simply, listing out the steps to perform each task, such as baby-pig processing steps. Once you write out all of the tasks that need to be done, you can group those tasks together to create employee job descriptions.

Just the idea of ensuring that everything gets done within the operation, in the manner you want it done, should be reason enough to write job descriptions. However the added benefit will be that your employees will know who is responsible for what tasks. It also clears the air as to how you will monitor employee performance.

Training, setting goals and monitoring performance are all important
aspects of managing employees. But to get results from any of these strategies you must first create job descriptions.