Chicago Meat Authority has created a new boneless, marinated pork cut that it's calling the Pork Flat Iron Steak.

Designed as a foodservice item, the product can be broiled, grilled, pan fried or prepared on a flat-top grill, according to the Chicago-based processor. "The Pork Flat Iron Steak offers a low-portion cost compared to a USDA Choice beef steak," says Jim Carmignani, Chicago Meat Authority's regional sales manager. "It can be used any time of the day, from early morning as part of a 'Pork Flat Iron Steak 'n Eggs' combo, at lunch as a Pork Flat Iron Sandwich or at dinner served with red mashed potatoes."

The product is sold in 10-lb. boxes, with the cuts available in a variety of portion sizes. Each cut is individually vacuum packaged, making it easy for foodservice entities to use and store amounts as they wish.

Source: Chicago Meat Authority