The Internet and other electronic forms of information dissemination continue to revolutionize how you live and conduct business.

Max Rodibaugh, a Frankfort, Ind., swine veterinarian, offers five potential areas in which the information revolution impacts how you live and conduct business.

1. Technology will create a separation of the economics of things from the economics of information. For example, veterinarians will no longer dispense products bundled with information.

2. Pork production units in cooperative arrangements, production systems or other alliances will increasingly become connected with other units in the system to share real-time information.

3. Swine veterinarians, consultants and producers could be connected between themselves, universities, diagnostic laboratories and allied industry companies for informational, educational, disease reporting or business relationships.

4. Veterinarians, consultants, associations and others will have tremendous opportunities in setting and controlling standards for how the connected pork industry will function.

5. Virtual consulting: being connected with streaming video and performance records, it's feasible that enough valid information could be gathered so that recommendations could be made after a virtual herd visit.