The overall design of an artificial insemination center influences worker safety, boar comfort and efficiency for both animal management and semen collection, says Billy Flowers, North Carolina State University.

Boars are typically housed in stalls over total slats that are 4 feet x 5 inches wide, with a slightly arched top and a 1-inch to 1 1/4-inch slot.

Placement of the bottom horizontal bar of the stall dividers should be 8 inches off the floor, maximum.

Here are Flowers recommended dimensions for boar stalls:

Minimum Stall Dimensions
Boar weight    Width   Length            Height
350-500 lbs.  24”            84”            45”
>500 lbs.        28”            96”            46”        

To prevent boars from turning around in the alley while being moved, provide vertical head-gates as opposed to slanted head-gates. Feeding can be accomplished with either a recessed trough that is 3 to 4 inches below the floor level or in raised troughs. Shorter stalls will require recessed troughs.

Some facilities include a few pens to accommodate large boars, or boars that are lame or have other minor problems. For labor and hygiene reasons either partial or total slatted flooring is recommended.

To prevent boars from climbing up the side of pens, construct pen partitions with vertical pipes or rods 4 to 5 inches on center.

Here are Flowers recommendations for boar pens:

Minimum Pen Dimensions
Boar weight       Width            Length            Height
350-500 lbs.          6’            8’            4’
>500 lbs.            7’            10’            4’