Hormel Foods Corp. is taking a unified approach to its brand and advertising campaign. The company is rolling out, and featuring, a new brand mark for all Hormel products. Beginning in February, the brand will first appear on Hormel's Natural Choice deli meats.
According to a company news release, the brand mark was last updated in 1992. The new mark features a red ribbon-like seal, the Hormel name and the words "Since 1891," which is the year that the company, based in Austin, Minn., was founded.

Hormel offices say that the new brad is an effort to help shoppers locate products more easily in the grocery store, as well illustrating the depth of Hormel's product line.

The ad campaign will involve TV, print and Internet ads that will present the slogan "Create something great." They will feature Hormel's target audience-- women 25 to 54 years old. The campaign aims to illustrate how Hormel product can "elevate the everyday," company officials say. Hormel's fully cooked entrees, Natural Choice deli meats and the new Hormel Microwave Trays, will each have their own 30-second TV spots.

Hormel's new brand mark:

Source: Hormel Foods Corp., Meatingplace.com