The coveted, and growing, Hispanic consumer base has many companies seeking answers, including Hormel Foods. The Austin, Minn.,-based company recently has enrolled the help of students in the multicultural marketing program at Chicago's DePaul University. The point was find answers in how to market to Hispanic consumers and the untapped opportunities. Hormel worked through the San Jose Group, the company's Hispanic advertising agency.

Among the steps implemented, 12 DePaul students were enlisted to analyze 12 Hormel brands that are not currently active in the Hispanic market. From there, they were to identify growth opportunities for the products. Each student then presented his or her findings to SJG account directors and members of the DePaul marketing department.

Hormel was the first corporation to tackle the project.  "We easily could have assigned this project to an established research company, but we wanted to see what these promising students could discover," Hormel's Mark Mayer.

Hormel and the San Jose Group will take the recommendations from this point, consider options and determine what or how to expand the students' ideas.

Source: Hormel Foods