Hatfield Quality Meats has launched the pork industry’s first ever “Freshest Taste By” date as part of a campaign to position the company's products as the “freshest” in the meat case.

The new campaign entitled “Your Family Deserves the Freshest,” includes a redesigned package and a new packaging process that speak to consumers’ desire for freshness. The new package features a “Freshest Taste By” date, which communicates to the consumer when the product should be used. This concept emphasizes consumer benefits versus the more typical “sell by” date, which is more beneficial to the retailer. This is complemented by the company’s “Fresh Check Guarantee” symbol found on all Hatfield products.

Hatfield will place the “Freshest Taste By” date on the package at its facility before shipping the products out to grocery stores, reinforcing its rapid delivery from farm to market. Located in Hatfield, Pa., the company serves markets from Maine to Miami, along with several international ones.

Prior to launching the “Your Family Deserves the Freshest” program, Hatfield tested its “freshness” claim and learned that highlighting a products’ freshness in this manner increased consumer-purchase intent by 185 percent.

For more information, go to www.hqm.com