Hatfield Quality Meats is launching the pork industry's first ever "Freshest Taste By" date as part of a campaign positioning the company's products as the "freshest."

The new program titled "Your Family Deserves the Freshest," includes a redesigned package and new packaging procedures designed to speak to consumers' desire for freshness. Unique to this product category, the redesigned package features a "Freshest Taste By" date complemented by the company's "Fresh Check Guarantee" symbol on all Hatfield products.

New packaging technology allows the "Freshest Taste By" date to be placed on the package by Hatfield at their facility. This new packaging highlights the products freshness and speaks to Hatfield's rapid delivery from farm to market due to its geographic proximity to the markets it serves.

Prior to launching the "Your Family Deserves the Freshest" program, the company tested this "freshness" claim and learned that highlighting the products freshness in this manner increases consumer purchase intent by 185 percent.

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