A new booklet from the American Association of Swine Veterinarians contains guidelines for boar studs producing semen for the U.S. market. The document, “Health, Hygiene and Sanitation Guidelines for Boar Studs Providing Semen to the Domestic Market,” addresses pre-entry and isolation health require-ments for incoming boars; health requirements for the stud’s resident herd; and hygiene and sanitation requirements for semen collection, processing and storage.

AASV members can access the guidelines on the organization’s Web site at http://www.aasv.org/members/only/BoarStudGuidelines.pdf  They also have been printed as a stand-alone booklet.

Producers interested in reviewing the protocols should contact an AASV member in their area.

The AASV Boar-Stud Committee prepared the guidelines and emphasized that it is a “living” document which will need to be updated over time.

A limited number of booklets are available to AASV members by contacting the AASV office, (515) 465-5255, or e-mailing aasv@aasv.org