There is a new push toward identifying the "origin of meat products." The newest attempt was rolled out by the Organization for Competitive Meats– it's known as USA Raised. Retailers, processors and restaurants that meet specific requirements and can prove their beef is all raised in the United States will be allowed to display the official USA Raised lable.

Beef producers appear to be the most active sector of OCM. Organizers say the goal is to boost interest in mandatory country-of-origin labeling, which was set to become law in September 2006. However, producer, processor and retail support has waned, and efforts in the House have worked ot delay COOL implementation. The future of the effort remains unknown.

According to OCM reports, "several local retailers in the upper Midwest are participating in the program." The campaign will use the slogans "Not Just Any Beef" and "Ask For It" in its advertising, signage and literature.

Organization for Competitive Meats