Grilling season is in full force and a survey by Weber-Stephens Products Co. shows 31 percent of grill owners are grilling meat more today than a year ago because they are "trying to eat healthier."

The 19th Annual Weber GrillWatch Survey reports nearly 40 percent are grilling leaner meats, more vegetables (38 percent), more poultry (34 percent) and more fish (22 percent) than they did last year. Six percent also said they're grilling more meat substitutes such as veggie burgers and tofu, and 5 percent are grilling more fruit -- although the survey shows that women are more likely to do that than men.

Other results:

  • Fifty-seven percent of all grill owners say they grill throughout the year. Those who use electric grills (65 percent), gas stand-ups (61 percent) and smokers (60 percent) most often are more likely to define "grilling season" as year-round than charcoal grill owners (53 percent).
  • Americans are grilling more times per week; 71 percent say they use the grill "at least once a week" during grilling season (up from 69 percent last year), and 47 percent say they fire it up "at least a few times a week," compared with 43 percent last year

The Weber GrillWatch survey, conducted by third-party Greenfield Online, polled 1,000 grill owners. All respondents were more than 21 years of age and own a gas, charcoal or electric barbecue grill or smoker.

Source: Weber-Stephens Products,