Six pork items that utilize the boneless pork collar loin are part of Golden Corral’s menu, including the new Pork Pot Roast.  Pork Pot Roast was featured as a four month promotional item, and because of its success is now a permanent menu item.

“It’s doing very well,” said Debra Olson head of the Food and Beverage Department for Golden Corral, “It is a lean cut, but it has a lot of flavor and is also very versatile.”

Golden Corral has used the pork collar cut for two years. Served at lunch and dinner, this non-traditional pork cut can be enjoyed with a side of potatoes, onions and carrots.  It also is used in their “7-Day Dinner Cruise,” which highlights a different dinner favorite everyday of the week.  Pork specials are available in all Golden Corral Restaurants and feature the Pork logo on various promotional items.

“It’s (Pork Pot Roast) a great product and has been well-received,” said Dolly Mercer, director of consumer promotions and national events manager for Golden Corral.  The menu item moved 1.1 million pounds of pork collar in 350 Golden Corral restaurants.     

Howard Greenblatt, national foodservice marketing manager for the National Pork Board, said Golden Corral is constantly looking for new products to feature, and that they increase their check average with the variety of items consumers can choose to order. “New menu offerings enhance their business,” said Greenblatt.

Source: NPB