The Power Take Off is among the more overlooked and dangerous pieces of equipment on the farm. Now is as good a time as any to check your PTO-driven machinery for hazards.

1. Examine all PTO-driven machinery for exposed drive-lines or missing PTO shields.

2. If PTO shields are missing, install retrofit guards as recommended by the manufacturer.

3. Replace U-shaped tunnel guards with retrofit guards as recommended by the manufacturer.

4. Use only guards that can’t be removed or bypassed easily.

5. Machine guards should comply with the following Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations.

Guards should:

Prevent you from reaching into, through, over, under or around the point of operation.

Conform to the manufacturer’s most current specifications for design and construction.

Guards should not:

Create additional hazards, such as sharp edges or parts that stick out.

Interfere with work tasks.

Create pinch-points between the guard and moving machine parts.

Interfere with the inspection, servicing or cleaning of the machine.