The U.S. meat industry is facing a series of hurdles in its efforts to produce a safe food supply. Kansas State University meat scientist, Jim Marsden, outlined the top issues for the meat industry at the North American Meat Processors annual convention.

1. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points reviews that will require more documentation to validate programs.

2. A revised E. coli 0157:H7 policy. He contends this regulation needs a “zero tolerance” policy when pathogens are detected.

3. Carcass decontamination.

4. Post-slaughter decontamination.

5. Post-processing decontamination. Irradiation is one of the key technologies.

6. Pre-harvest decontamination.

7. Advanced meat recovery systems.

8. Listeria control procedures in processed meats.

9. USDA stabilization requirements for chilling.

10. Intact meat product safety.

11. Agricultural biosecurity.