Analyzing finances is rarely fun, but if you're an Iowa pork producer, a new program can make the process a bit easier.

The Iowa Pork Industry Center, Iowa State University and Iowa Pork Producers Association are offering producers a two-part financial and operation analyis program. The first step entails a no-cost Finpack analysis. While the second part is an optional modified TeamPork program visit for a reduced price of $100.

"This is a good time for all pork producers to assess their operations," says Jim McKean, IPIC interim director. "Finpack is an excellent planning tool and offers a great opportunity for producers to plan their financial management strategies."

Finpack is Iowa State's farm financial analysis program consisting of a computerized analysis of an operation's business records, one-on-one financial counseling and referral to other extension programs and outside resources. A USDA grant, reallocation of Iowa State extension funds and financial assistance from IPPA are making the Finpack analysis available.

For those wanting to continue with step two, TeamPork members will visit your operation and provide some low-cost or no-cost suggestions for short-term changes. TeamPork also will help you prepare a three-to-five-year action plan.

To participate in the Finpack program, contact your local Iowa extension agent. For more information on the TeamPork program or to schedule a visit, call IPIC at (800) 808-7675 (Iowa only) or (515) 294-4496.