Supplementing wheat-based diets with a feed enzyme improved grow/- finish pigs’ performance. The net margins improved 3 percent to 4 percent, according to a Danish study.

Conducted by the Danish Bacon and Meat Council and Danisco Animal Nutrition, the study compared the performance of pigs reared on pelleted and meal diets. Some were supplemented with the xylanase-based enzyme, Porzyme, and some were not.

The feed conversion of pigs fed from 70 pounds to 225 pounds, increased by eight points when the enzyme was added to the pelleted diet, and by 10 points in the supplemented meal diet.

There also was evidence that the enzyme helped reduce the proportion of Salmonella-positive pigs in the herd. This fact is supported by findings from a recent study that showed broiler chickens fed a xylanse-based enzyme showed reduced numbers of Salmonella in the gut. Researchers concluded this reaction was due to the enzyme increasing the diet’s digestibility. As a result it significantly changed both the substrate quality and quantity available to the bacteria in the bird’s gut.