A directory of resources to help guide you through the ups and downs of managing employees.

Help  –  when it comes to managing employees, we all need it. Whether you are a seasoned manager or this is your first attempt as an employer, new and even familiar challenges have a way of sneaking up on you.

The good news is you don’t have to figure things out all by yourself. We’re living in the information age, and rest assured there is lots of it out there. The challenge is more an issue of finding what will work for you. 

The PORK’98 editors have looked around for resource ideas that address pre- and post-hiring employment issues as well as some training vehicles that are specific to pork production.

A word to the wise: Keep an open mind. Look for answers outside of agriculture as well as within. While employees may still be a relatively new part of your business, others have been at it for decades.

Scanning the local library, bookstore or even borrowing from a fellow pork producer, you’ll find lots of titles offering employee management advice. Some address employee needs; others address yours.

As with most things, some are more applicable to your needs than others. Regardless, you are bound to find some helpful answers here.

  –Time Management for Dummies by Jeffery Mayer

  –Managing for Dummies by Bob Nelson and Peter Economy

  –1001 Ways to Energize Employees and 1001 Ways to Reward Employees by Bob Nelson

  –Mentoring by Floyd Wickman and Terri Sjodec

  –Not Just for CEOs by John Zenger

  –Artful Work by Dick Richards

  –Getting Things Done by Edwin Bliss

  –Making a Difference: 12 Qualities That Make You a Leader by Sheila Murray Bethel

  –The Truth About Burnout by Christina Maslack and Michael Leiter

  –Rewiring the Corporate Brain by Danah Zohar

  –In Pursuit of Wow, A Passion for Excellence and Liberation Management by Tom Peters

  –A to Z Book of Managing People by Victoria Kaplan and Robert Kunreuther

  –Mining Group Gold by Thomas Kayser

  –Basic Training for Trainers and 100 Training Games by Gary Kroehnert

  –The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard

  –The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey by Kenneth Blanchard, William Oncken Jr. and Hal Burrows

  –101 Biggest Mistakes Managers Make by Mary Albright and Clay Carr

 –Managing People by Bob Adams

 –What Every Supervisor Should Know by Lester Bittel and John Newstram

 –The First-time Manager by Loren Belker

  –Managing at the Speed of Change by Daryl Connor

  –Manage People, Not Personnel by Victor Vroom

  –Keep the Team Going by Deborah Harrington-Mackin

  –Active Training by Mel Silberman

  –Compensation by George Milkovich

  –The Platinum Rule by Tony Alessandra and Michael O’Connor

  –Swain Personality Styles: A Key to Understanding People by Larry Swain

  –Successful Delegation by Frank Huppe

  –Think Like a Manager by Roger Fritz

  –Motivation in the Real World by Saul Gellerman

  –Fair, Square & Legal by Donald Weiss

  –Writing an Employee Handbook by Thomas Maloney and Kristine Petracek

  –Managing Employee Diversification Supplement from Dryden Press

  –Why This Horse Won’t Drink: How to Win and Keep Employee Commitment by Ken Matejka

On The  World Wide Web

Whether you’re proficient at surfing the web or have barely gotten your feet wet, here are places to look for employee management ideas, including the legal aspects.

  –Strong Information Services at http://www.stronginfo.com

  –CCH Business Owner’s Toolkit at http://www.toolkit.cch.com

  –Winning & Associates at http://www.all-biz.com/winning

  –The Nolo Press Self-Help Law Center at http://www.nolo.com

Tap Into Tapes And Tools

Who doesn’t have a videocassette recorder these days? Videotapes sometimes offer the best way to get a clear understanding of a concept.

Audio tapes can help the busy manager who’s on the road a lot. You’ll find some of the titles identified in bookstores under the books-on-tape section.

Also included here are miscellaneous kits and tests that might be helpful.

  –“Employee Management in the Pork Industry.” This pamphlet includes tips on recruiting, retaining and managing pork industry employees. National Pork Producers Council, $15 each.

  –“Employee Management Satellite Conference Video.” Includes practical information to find and keep employees. NPPC, 2 hours, $15 each.

 –Employee Management Video Series. Four videotapes featuring topics titled “The Employee Search,” “Employees and the Law,” “Motivating Employees,” and “Salaries Benefits and Incentives.” NPPC, $25 each or $85 for the set.

  –“1994 Employee Relations Conference Proceedings.” Provides insight to and practical tips on employee relations. NPPC, $15 each.

  –“How to Understand Yourself and Others.” A live audience seminar. Personality Insights, P.O. Box 28592, Atlanta, GA 30358-0592; (770) 509-7113, $79 for the set.

  –“How to Understand Yourself and Others.” A two audio-tape set. Personality Insights, P.O. Box 28592, Atlanta, GA 30358-0592; (770) 509-7113, $40 each.

  –“Managing for Success.” A style analysis. Focuses on business skills (includes computer report, with graphic explanations). Personality Insights, P.O. Box 28592, Atlanta, GA 30358-0592; (770) 509-7113, $30 each.

  –“Break Through the Walls that Hinder Communication.” Audio tape. Personality Insights, P.O. Box 28592, Atlanta, GA 30358-0592; (770) 509-7113, $20 each.

  –Self-Scoring Profile Assessments. Adult profile style analysis. Kit includes assessment, audio tape and graphic explanations for one adult, $15. Additional profiles and graphic explanations (no tapes), $10. Personality Insights, P.O. Box 28592, Atlanta, GA 30358-0592; (770) 509-7113.

Call On People And Places

Even with all the books, videotapes and Web sites available, there are times when you just want to talk to a person. When that need arises, there are any number of places you can turn.

Many land-grant universities and community colleges have employee management specialists and programs. There are private consultants and human resource specialists, so don’t be afraid to look around.

  –Don Tyler
Profitable Solutions
8210 E. 1300 S.
Clarks Hill, IN 47930
(765) 523-3259
(765) 523-3253 (fax)
dhtyler@wcis.org (e-mail)

  –Gary Maas
Agri Careers
Highways 148 & 92 W.
Massena, IA 50853
(712) 779-3744
(712) 779-3366 (fax)

  –Scott Strong
Strong Information Services
11 Eastland Drive
Lafayette, IN 47905
(765) 448-1708
(765) 449-4328 (fax)

  –Dale Lattz
University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana
(217) 333-0754
(217) 333-5538 (fax)

  –John Copeland (Legal issues)
National Center for Agricultural Law University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701
(501) 575-7640

  –Barbara Ault (Health and safety)
National Farm Medicine Center
1000 N. Oak Ave.
Marshfield, WI 54449
(715) 387-9187

  –Steve Jedlund
North Star Consultants
6514 14th Ave. S.
Ritchfield, MN 55423
(612) 866-1077

  –Tammy Miller Rich Connell
425 E. Main
P.O. Box 1037
Mahomet, IL 61853
(217) 586-6771

 –Jeff Galle
John Wood Community College
JWCC Swine Center
P.O.  Box 1037
Perry, IL 62362
(217) 236-7621

  –Bill Johnson
Joliet Jr. College
1215 Houbolt Rd.
Joliet, IL 60431
(815) 729-9020 ext.2273

  –Lanny Anderson
Blackhawk Community College East Campus
1501 Ill. Hwy. 78
Kewaunee, IL 61443
(309) 852-5671

  –Michelle Baumhover
Ellsworth Community Collge
1100 College Ave.
Iowa Falls, IA 50126
(515) 648-4611 ext.291

  –Richard or Steve Juhl
Kirkwood Community College
6301 Kirkwood Blvd.
P.O. Box 2068
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406
(319) 398-4900
(319) 398-5419 (swine lab)

  –Hawkeye Community College
Agriculture Department
1501 E. Orange Rd.
Waterloo, IA 50704-8015
(319) 296-4008

We May Have Missed You

As the PORK’98 editors dug around for resource ideas, we may have missed your favorite book, Web site or videotape. Also if you or your business have employee management or training aids available and we’ve overlooked them, please fax or e-mail the information to: Editor PORK’98 at (608) 278-9311 or Mmpork@aol.com. We’ll update the list in a future Profit Tips section.