Here’s a look at some of the more promising areas of swine nutrition research that could change the way you feed your pigs.

Pigs and production systems keep changing. And swine nutritionists keep searching for more efficient ways to feed pigs.

In this special report, PORK’98 editors look at some of the newest concepts in swine nutrition. The goal is to provide background on some of the more interesting, exciting and promising work now under way.

Much of the information here is preliminary because some of these are cutting-edge ideas. As you read through the concepts, keep in mind some may pan out, others may not. You could apply some today; others may be a few years down the road. Simply put, these are the topics you’re likely to hear more about as swine nutrition research unfolds.

Take conjugated linoleic acid, for example. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this compound’s potential. While it may be a while before it appears in your feeders, it’s a hot research topic now. And PORK’98 wants you to be aware of the impact it could have on your pigs and the pork you produce.

This digest can’t cover all the research that may affect you in the next five years. But here are a few of the highlights that will likely be important as you work to meet consumers’ needs by feeding and growing pigs profitably.