Pressure washing a hog facility or room is a tough job, and poor-working equipment or a breakdown only adds to the frustration. A breakdown backs up your pig flow and work schedule for a day or more. A machine that is working poorly not only requires more time with the nozzle in hand, but may ulti mately jeopardize herd health.

“You can avoid a lot of wasted time and aggravation by giving your sprayer a thorough, step-by-step checkup and fixing any problem promptly,” says Mark Rose, equipment-service manager with 18 years experience at Hog Slat, Newton Grove, N.C. “With a high-pressure sprayer, preventative maintenance is especially important and productive. Finding something faulty and fixing it right away may help you head off a time-wasting delay.”

Rose offers the following recommendations to keep your pressure washer up and running.

Rose sums up his philosophy on pressure-sprayer maintenance in a few words: “By conscientiously taking care of it, you’ll ward off problems and get many years of dependable, efficient service.”