Authentic Mexican spices bring zest to the new Farmland Chipotle Bacon. This bacon is smoked over mesquite wood chips and hand-rubbed with chipotle seasoning.   The chipotle chile is a smoked and dried jalapeño providing a slightly sweet, meaty and savory flavor. 

“Foodservice operators, whether at a quick-serve operation or a white-tablecloth restaurant, consider bacon a must-have ingredient,” says Bert Lawson, Farmland Foods’ test kitchen manager.

The Chipotle Bacon gives foodservice operators and their patrons a new and sought-after flavor. The guaranteed slice count makes inventory control easy and efficient, a definite cost-savings advantage.

Another new Farmland product that’s ideal for the deli or sandwich shop is Deluxe Lean Ham. Hickory smoked and cured without MSG, this fully cooked ham is made with outside muscles that impart a signature texture and flavor.

Foodservice operators can expect higher yields with this boneless ham, an advantage for managing inventory and expenses. The ham ships in a 28-pound case that includes two ham pieces weighing 12 to 15 pounds each. Foodservice also can use this ham at the carving station.

Sales of made-to-order deli sandwiches continue to grow, according to a 2004 NPD Group study. Sales of those deli sandwiches grew 7 percent in 2004, while the burger and steak category rose only 2 percent.

Both of these new Farmland products offer the pork industry an opportunity to highlight product diversity, while giving restaurants tasty options for their customers.

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