Farmland Foods sets the stage with two new products for spring. The Steamship Leg of Pork is an appealing choice for special occasions. This unique pork product serves 20 or more.

Consumers can roast the Farmland Steamship Leg of Pork can be roasted with a wide variety of seasoning and sauce choices.

Available in a 15-pound random weight cut, the roast comes with the shank meat removed and the netted roast packaged with foil on the shank bone. It’s also vacuum-packed to extend shelf life.

Another seasonal option is the Farmland Steamship Picnic Roast, a cut of pork that’s ideal for planned leftovers during the week; the roast is designed for an everyday dinner any day of the week. Available in a 6- to 7-pound sizes, the roast has the shank meat removed to expose the shank bone for easier presentation.

The cooking instructions on the peel-back labels for both products make preparation easy for consumers. In addition, the roast is deep basted with a solution to enhance tenderness and juiciness

When it comes to preparation, consumers can just follow the cooking instructions on the handy peel-back label.

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