U.S. pork exports continue to grow, despite some projections that exports will be slowing down. For right now, exports continue to look strong.

The odds look increasingly good that 2002 will be the 11th consecutive record year for U.S. pork exports, say Missouri economists Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain.

September’s exports were 27 percent above September 2001 bringing the total for the same period. This brings the total for the first three-quarters of 2002 to 103.6 percent of the same period in 2001.

Shipments to Japan, Canada and South Korea are up while pork exports to Russia and Mexico are down.

Due to more Canadian pork, imports are running 12 percent above year ago levels. Through September, the U.S. exported 55 percent more pork than it imported. About 8 percent to 8.5 percent of U.S. pork production will be exported this year.