Who doesn’t love a barbecue pork sandwich? Now consumers will have a year-round option with Farmland Foods’ new fully cooked boneless-pork-rib patty.

This boneless, 3.1-ounce portion has a smoked, barbecue flavor. The product carries a “child nutrition label” and meets school-foodservice guidelines, which makes it especially appealing to that market.

addition, its preparation versatility means that foodservice operators can prepare the patties on a char-broiler or flat-top grill, in the deep fryer, convection oven or microwave.        

“Popularity of the barbecue pork sandwich continues with foodservice operators because it appeals to diners of all ages,” says Bert Lawson, Farmland Foods’ test kitchen manager.

This pork-rib patty also meets commercial restaurants’ demands. According to the Restaurants & Institutions’ 2005 Menu Census Trends Survey, commercial and non-commercial operators consider taste as the most important menu-development consideration. The study also showed they look for the item’s uniqueness, while non-commercial operators consider the nutritional value and overall cost for the product and labor.

 As for serving ideas, chefs can top the patty with a slice of mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce,  then bake it for an Italian pork dish. It also can be added to the breakfast menu by cooking it in the deep fryer and serving it with biscuits and gravy.

For more information, visit www.farmlandfoodservice.com.