Are you a solid communicator? If not, you may want to work on improving your skills.

"In the workplace, open and effective communication is the most significant factor required to develop employee trust," says Becky Row, human resources director, American Marketing Association, Chicago, Ill. "Plus, trust in management is the single largest component of job satisfaction."

Row says there are four elements required for effective communication.

  • Clarity of Purpose – This involves an understanding of what management and employees think the operation or a specific initiative needs to achieve.
  • Effective Interfaces – This involves the competence of individuals within the operation to manage communication; the level of trust between individuals at all levels.
  • Effective Information Sharing – This applies to the integration of formal and informal processes of distributing ideas, opinions and practices.
  • Consistent Communication Behaviors of Management – This depends on the consistency of messages and communication competence of the most senior people within the operation.