“I can do it later...” If that sounds like something you would say, then read on. In Martin English’s book, How to Feel Great About Yourself and Your Life, he outlines several tips for beating procrastination.

Set your wake-up time one-half hour earlier tomorrow and leave it at the earlier setting. Use this time to think about the best way to spend your day.

Memorize and repeat this motto: “Action TNT.” Translation = Action Today, Not Tomorrow.

Concentrate all your energy and intensity, without distraction, on the successful completion of your current major project. Finish what you start.

Seek out and talk to a successful role model and mentor. The most productive people are those who learn from the successes, and setbacks, of others.

Understand that FEAR is False Education Appearing Real, and that LUCK is Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. The more information you have on any subject the less likely you are to pospone making decisions.

View problems as normal indications of change in progress. Since society and business are changing rapidly, it’s up to you to accept change as a normal part of life; and to see many of the changes taking place as positive rather than negative.