The International Pork Industry Internship Program, developed by Dalum Agriculture College in Denmark, in cooperation with the University of Nebraska, has developed a partnership that provides young adults with skills and experiences for a career in the pork industry.

The program begins January 2001 and includes an 8.5-month practical training period on Danish pork operations, followed by a 12-week study period at Dalum College. Participants can complete the entire program or the practical training aspect only.

Eligibility is based on your knowledge of the pork industry and a strong desire to pursue a career in the industry. You must be at least 20 years old and have completed at least one year of coursework at a community college or university before entering the program. It’s also recommended that you complete at least one course in economics before applying. You can earn 10 to 15 hours of college credit once you complete the program.

You’ll receive a salary that exceeds program expenses, which includes exchange program fees, tuition, course material, room and board during the school period and taxes, leaving you with extra income for personal use.

For more information on the internship program, contact Beverly Gilmartin, program coordinator, at (800) 432-3276 or e-mail