With fewer young people growing up on farms today, this disconnect with agriculture is posing new challenges for America’s culinary schools. That’s why the National Pork Board is creating the new educational CD “Pork. One Cut at a Time” to bridge the gap.

Through “Pork. One Cut at a Time,” students are introduced to the whole hog, from the primal cuts to the specific cuts that they will use in their culinary training. Students learn why different cuts are tender or tough, depending on their location on the hog. The digital format also allows them to review the material easily.

The new 12-minute “Pork. One Cut at a Time” CD builds on the success of NPB’s “Pork: Beyond the Chop” educational materials, which were released last year. “Pork: Beyond the Chop” helps students discover the versatility of the “other white meat.” It also dispels the myths about pork and offers students new ways to use underutilized cuts of pork to lower their food costs.

For more information, contact Larry Cizek, LCizek@pork.org, 515-223-2639.

Source: National Pork Board