If you’re looking for more information on production and marketing contracts, check out the Iowa Attorney General’s new Web site.

You can access information on 37 production and marketing contracts being used in Iowa at www.IowaAttorneyGeneral.org. The site features actual contracts of various types and companies, including financial terms. Producers’ names and other identifying information are deleted.

“There’s been an enormous increase in contracting,” says Tom Miller, Iowa Attorney General. “Our goal is to give Iowa farmers the best possible information so they can study and shop and make well-informed decisions about what kind of contract might work best for their operations.”

He notes that publishing this contract information is possible because the Iowa Legislature has prohibited confidentiality clauses in production contracts and livestock marketing. “Many contracts used to forbid producers from sharing information or terms of their contracts,” Miller explains. “Now, confidentiality clauses are illegal in new contracts, and they are unenforceable in contracts made before the legislation passed in 1999.”

The attorney general’s office will post more contracts on the Web site as they become available. If you’re an Iowa contract producer and would like to share your information, call the Farm Division of the Attorney General’s office at (515) 281-5351 in Des Moines, Iowa.