Now that football season is here, many consumers are looking forward to the time-honored tradition of tailgating. To make sure the action off the field matches the on-field excitement, celebrity chef Michael Symon and America’s pork producers are lending a hand with winning pork tips and flavorful recipes.

Some of the featured favorites include grilled brats, chops and ribs, or make-and-take all-stars, like pulled pork or ground pork meatballs, pork will be among this season’s must-haves at this season’s tailgate roster.

“Pork is a great protein to cook for lots of reasons – every cut tastes great and it’s extremely versatile,” said Symon. “I actually love to layer pork on pork - it adds texture to the dish and provides even more depth of flavor. That’s a huge reason why I’m such a pork fan – you can use various cuts alone or combine them into one fantastic dish.”

For example, Symon’s Porky Burger, combines three great recipes into one. Have the pulled pork or burger on its own, or unite them to make one mouthwatering masterpiece.

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Source: National Pork Board