As a pre-World Pork Expo event, Pork Academy will be held on June 7, at the Downtown Marriott in Des Moines, Iowa. PORK Academy is a series of in-depth seminars on a variety of business topics. Information is presented during three sessions, beginning at 9 a.m. and running to 5:30 p.m., allowing you to select areas of interest.

Morning sessions will include presentations on Type A influenza; strep suis; porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome; boar-stud management; boar semen analysis; capturing value from artificial insemination technologies; using the futures market; selling pork to international markets; and the optimal weight to market slaughter hogs.

Afternoon sessions will focus on what is K-value and how to use it; economics of K-value; auto-sort technologies; treatment versus euthanasia decisions; fiscal fitness; financial performance; how to afford what you want to buy; nutrition of developing gilts; nutritional interactions with sow welfare; and alternatives to dietary antibiotics.

The late-afternoon sessions will cover the economics of alternative manure-management systems; application and marketing swine manure; assessment tools for air-quality management practices; sow and gilt culling criteria; adding value to cull sows; market-hog handling and loadout design; employee performance evaluations; worker safety; using and presenting distance learning to motivate your employees.

There is a $125-pre-registration fee per person; $150 on site. Fees include lunch and a CD-ROM of the PORK Academy proceedings.

A brochure with a detailed list of events and registration information is available by calling (800) 456-PORK or go to and click on the PORK Academy icon.

A CD-ROM of the PORK Academy proceedings will be available to order for $15, following the event. Audio tapes will be available for $10 per session or $80 for a complete set. Contact NPB for details.