Two new CD-ROMs look at carbohydrate nutrition and enzyme tech-nology in pork production.

The first disc, "Manipulating Gut Microflora Through Carbohydrate Nutrition," looks at the roles of prebiotics and probiotics in enhancing the profitability of pig production. Experts discuss issues like alternatives to growth-promoting antibiotics, food-safety issues and the impact of nutrition on herd health. There's also a section on the potential of using functional carbohydrates, such as phosphylated mannan oligosaccharide proteins from the yeast cell wall, to maximize pig performance.

The second disc, "The Allzyme Toolkit," highlights evidence that enzymes improve feed quality and animal performance. The CD explains the advantages of solid-state fermentation in enzyme production, explores the economics of enzyme supplementation and highlights benefits of enzyme additives on the environment surroun-ding livestock production units. The disc also includes a program that allows users to calculate the return on the extra-outlay for enzymes.

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