Center for Consumer Freedom is again taking on your opponents. Last month, a new television ad targeting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals began running on the Fox News Channel. The first of two, 30-second commercials features a woman teaching her children to love and respect animals. She denounces PETA's support of arson and other animal-rights violence as extreme and unacceptable.

The second ad highlights PETA's opposition to medical research that uses animals. It specifically identifies research on leukemia, multiple sclerosis and AIDS. The ad points out that PETA donated $70,000 to Rodney Coronado, convicted of burning down a Michigan State University research lab. It shows Coronado demonstrating to student activists how to build a firebomb.

In addition, CCF has been airing the second in a series of television commercials that criticize the trend of lawyers suing food companies and restaurants on behalf of overweight clients. The ads have aired nationally on CNN and the Fox News Channel. The new ad follows the quest of a greedy lawyer searching for opportunities to sue. In a previous ad, he sued a Girl Scout for selling cookies to his obese client.

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