Co-op Atlantic, based in Canada, will partner with Natural Organic Food Group to offer its customers a line of Omega 3 pork products.

"Atlantic Canada's Co-op stores are proud to take the lead in offering Omega 3 pork to our members and customers," says Robert Lemoine, vice president of food for Co-op Atlantic. The retailer is among the first in Canada to offer Omega 3 product, he states.

NOFG supplies the PEI PORK brand of Omega 3 pork products. Area producers raise the hogs for the Omega 3 pork product. The animals are fed strict diet, including roasted soybeans and flaxseed, says Mario Maillet, NOFG founder and president.

He cites surveys by the Nutrition Business Journal that show 60 percent of the North American population is aware of Omega 3's, and 80 percent are interested in consuming functional food products for their health benefits.

Source: NOFG,