A new set of 24 fact sheets and related slide presentations are now available for the asking. They are designed to help livestock and poultry producers deal with revised federal regulations for concentrated animal feeding operation.

A national team of 20 land-grant university faculty, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service staff and National Pork Board staff collaborated on the project. The project was managed through the Midwest Plan Service.

The series is a part of the larger Livestock and Poultry Environmental Stewardship curriculum, which is intended to promote the voluntary practice of environmental stewardship principles in the animal-production industry.

The LPES CAFO Fact Sheet series was developed with assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center to ensure compatibility of the series with the final CAFO rules.

The series addresses such questions as:

  • Will my operation be affected by the revised CAFO regulations?
  • What must I do to comply with the CAFO regulations?
  • What is the timeline for achieving compliance?
  • What records do I need to keep and what annual reports do I need to provide to EPA?
  • Is there any financial or technical assistance available to achieve compliance?

You can check out the fact sheets on the LPES Web site at http://www.lpes.org/CAFO.html. The series also is available through the catalog section of the MWPS Web site at http://www.mwpshq.org.

You can get the series in three formats: PDF files, MS Word files, and PowerPoint slide presentations. The free PDF files can be read online, printed or downloaded for future reference.

Developed for educators and advisers, the Word files and PowerPoint presentations can be purchased, downloaded and modified to meet local, state and regional needs. A one-time fee of $50 provides continuing, unlimited download privileges.