Following consumer concerns about animal welfare and the potential effect of livestock diseases on humans, Burger King is working toward adopting more humane animal treatment guidelines for its suppliers. The program includes the American Meat Institute's ``Good Management Practices for Animal Handling and Stunning' for cattle and swine.

The second largest hamburger chain also plans to follow the United Egg Producers' animal-husbandry standards for U.S. egg-laying flocks and the National Chicken Council's animal-welfare code for broiler chickens.

Burger King's move comes on the heels of similar guidelines instituted by McDonalds, the world’s largest fast-food chain. The company intends to put together an auditing program to make sure their packers and other suppliers are complying with the guidelines.

Burger King is implementing the guidelines with help from its Animal Well-Being Advisory Council. Formed last year, the council includes experts from Colorado State University, Kansas State University and the University of British Columbia.