Morning never tasted so good, thanks to Burger King’s new Ham Omelet Sandwich on the BK Breakfast Value Meal. 

The Ham Omelet Sandwiches were featured at last week's World Pork Expo. The new item features thinly sliced smoked ham, egg, cheese and honey butter sauce on a sesame seed bun, says Paul Perfilio, national foodservice marketing manager for the National Pork Board.

In 2006, NPB worked with Burger King to help select new items for the new BK Value Breakfast menu, which now includes 10 items starting at $1. While the restaurant chain had not served a lot of ham in years past, it took a new look at the possibilities.
“We shared pork checkoff-funded research showing that ham is a preferred product at breakfast, and it’s a popular ingredient at lunch and dinner in sandwiches and salads,” Perfilio says. “Burger King also liked the fact that ham is economical and provides a nice margin at a good price.”

Source: National Pork Board