If you are planning to build or retrofit facilities you will naturally have to  check the local and state regulations to see what new or different requirements you have to meet today. Two bulletins from the North Dakota State University Extension Service can help.

“Assessment Tools for New or Existing Animal Feeding Operations” (NM-1284) is designed to help livestock producers evaluate their livestock facilities’ possible impacts on surface water.

 “This bulletin is a tool that a producer can use by himself or with an adviser to help determine if his livestock facility needs a permit from the North Dakota Department of Health,” says Ron Wiederholt, North DakotaStateCarringtonResearchExtensionCenter nutrient-management specialist.

The bulletin is in a worksheet format that lets you score the facilities’ potential water-quality impact. The facility score will help you determine if it has a high, medium or low potential to impact surface water and what that prospect could mean to your permitting process.

The second bulletin, “Producers Guide to Livestock Manure Management Systems” (NM-1297), was developed to inform producers about the process involved in developing a livestock manure-management system.

 “It outlines site assessment, cost-share and incentive programs, producer match and nutrient-management planning,” says Wiederholt. “Probably the most helpful part of this bulletin is the sample course of action, which gives a step-by-step explanation of what a producer needs to do when upgrading an animal-feeding facility.”

These bulletins are available through the Web at http://www.ext.nodak.edu/extpubs/watanim.htm