Brazilian pork exports increased 81 percent in 2002. Exports reached a record-level of 480,000 metric tons, up from the 265, 160 metric tons in 2001.

The shipping income is predicted to be $550 million. Brazil is the world’s fourth largest hog exporter, following the European Union, Canada and the United States.

Brazil plans to export 550,000 metric tons of pork in 2003, which is expected to value around $620 million.

The reason for the lofty expectations is the possibility of Brazilian pork reaching new markets such as China and Korea, in addition to supplying its main clients Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Argentina. Russia is currently the major Brazilian pork importer, holding 75 percent

Brazil has long been considered a future player in the world pork export market, because its abundance of feed grains and arable land make expansion a possibility in Brazil. It looks like the future is now, as Brazil appears ready to challenge the big three for global pork markets now and in the future.