Norman Borlaug University announces the launch of its agriculture-oriented adult education course that you can access through its Web site at The university’s non-credit courses are open to all interested parties.

Among the current offering is “ Seven Essential Internet Skills for Agricultural Professionals.” It is designed to enable each student to do the following: - Identify research-based experts and find contact information.

  • Identify an experience-based expert on an agricultural topic or problem and find contact information.
  • Find or establish a virtual community of people with similar communication needs or interests.
  • Develop a personalized search strategy for the Internet using general and ag-specific search engines.
  • Publish and capture text-based files, digital-image files, and soft-ware suite-based binary files on the Internet in ASCII, HTML and/or binary format.
  • Download and install software and binary files safely from the Internet.
  • Evaluate the content of information found on the Internet.

This course, taught by University of Maryland professor. Mark Varner, may take as long as 12 hours online, with comparable off-line time. The cost is $250.

“ These courses apply the most recent technology. They are amply illustrated with drawings, photographs and streaming video. Interactive exercises and quizzes provide self-tests. Professors are available to answer content questions via e-mail,” says Brent Monahan, NBU vice president of learning development.