Every community has employers with excellent reputations.

“Employers of choice aren’t employers who got ahead simply by paying more,” says Sarah Fogelman, Kansas State University Extension agricultural economist. “They are employers who have managed to treat employees as they, themselves, would like to be treated.”

While there are no magic potions for employers to master these skills, Fogelman offers these six tips:

1.  Communicate: 99.9 percent of all labor problems stem from a lack of communication.

2.  Use job descriptions: These are the most basic tools available for human resource managers and they are the tools that managers are least likely to use.

3.  Recruit and hire the right people for the positions: Hiring the first “warm body” that comes through the door creates problems. This is an important cycle to stop. It’s better to be short-handed than to have an unqualified person on the payroll.

4.  Provide proper training: Don’t let turnover or a hectic schedule stop you from training new employees and providing educational experiences for existing employees.

5.  Lay out the ground rules: Employees should know, without a doubt, what they can expect from you and what you will be expecting of them.

6.  Meet your employees’ needs: This isn’t always solved with money. Take some time to get to know your employees and then do your best to provide them with the resources they need to be happy in their jobs.