A new National Pork Board slogan was hard at work selling more pork in fast-food restaurants this summer. "Bacon Makes it Better" found it's way into the likes of Taco Bell and Burger King. Here's a look at some recent activities:

  • Hardees' Pork-packed Breakfast Sandwich: If consumers want a hearty way start their day, they need only to head to Hardees. This summer, the fast-food chain offered a new breakfast sandwich called the Loaded Omelet Biscuit.

    The sandwich is packed full of bacon, sausage, ham, eggs and cheese.

    Originally presented in mid-summer, this is another
    effective way to move literally tons of pork. While these breakfast sandwiches are available for a limited time, if they prove popular and profitable, there's always the chance Hardees will feature them again.

  • Pork joins the Taco Bell Club – Club Chalupa that is. Taco Bell rolled out a chain-wide promotion in its 6,300 restaurants this spring featuring a new chicken club chalupa, which of course spotlights bacon.

    "The promotion moved an estimated one million pounds of fresh, sliced bacon in six weeks," says Jeff Pignot, NPB's foodservice director, "and it is a great way to start our relationship with Taco Bell."

    The promotion helped Taco Bell increase sales by 9.1 percent this spring compared with 2001.

  • Back Porch Grilling with Burger King: Tapping into the hot summer activity of backyard grilling – "but without the hassle" – as Burger King's promotions put it, the fast-food chain offered a series of
    grilled sandwiches. Again, bacon featured predominantly in the BK Smokehouse Cheddar burger.

    Introduced in June, sandwich sales during the first four weeks moved about 1.5 million pounds of bacon. According to NPB's Pignot, the sustained impact of the product is expected to move roughly 3 million pounds of bacon through 2002.