Any new technology that might apply to your operation requires careful consideration and evaluation of your herd and management. Using Paylean is no different.

Swine Practitioner magazine suggests the following nine areas for determining whether you, your staff and your herd are ready for Paylean.

  • Review the management of your feeding systems.
  • Check the abilities of your pig-performance monitoring system.
  • Evaluate performance, carcass and economic data offered by Paylean research with data from your herd's previous closeouts. You could feed Paylean to a trial group and compare your results as well.
  • Ensure that you can maintain diet inclusion at recommended levels.
  • Review the product's proper use and restrictions for your own awareness. Do the same with any staff that needs to be informed.
  • Understand your packer's buying program and what positive or negative implications may exist.
  • Ensure that proper animal handling and other stress-reducing practices can be consistently carried out within your operation. The same applies when pigs are being transported.
  • Make sure that you have the means to market hogs within the 21 to 28 days on Paylean.

"Paylean is a complex technology that needs management," says Duane Reese, University of Nebraska Extension swine veterinarian. It also might be wise to start slow, feeding the product to a group or two of pigs. This can allow your staff to get a "feel" for the product and its performance before expanding it to the rest of the finishing herd.