Everyone is different. And nowhere is that more true than in the workplace. Even with a just a few employees, a manager may be required to implement various management styles. 

To be an effective supervisor, Gary Maas with AgriCareers in Massena, Iowa, suggests incorporating the following steps:

1. Maintain a positive motivational climate in the workplace for your employees.

2. Make certain the public develops a positive employment image of the operation.

3. Effective employers know what they want. Design simple yet effective job descriptions.

4. Beyond the job description, create profiles that list attributes required for the job.

5. Good supervisors know and understand work styles and values of their current and potential employees.

6. They invest the time and resources necessary to objectively select the best people for the positions.

7. Conduct compensation surveys regularly to maintain competitive and fair compensation.

8. Streamline policy protocols and handbooks.

9. Communication is a top priority. Successful managers are able to communicate effectively with employees at all levels.

10. Practice keeping a fun atmosphere in the workplace while maintaining high performance standards.