The concept of the “lazy days of summer” hasn’t applied to animal rights activists. They seem to be taking advantage of the warm weather and public activities to present their message.

Here are some recent animal rights’ activities worth noting:

  • Humane Society of the United States has announced its Care4Iowa campaign– a four-year program to make Iowa farmers “more aware of humane ways of raising livestock.”

    HSUS officials say it will help producers market the resulting products, and educate consumers about “humanely raised meat”– among other things. 

    A word to the wise, HSUS is not a warm and fuzzy animal-welfare group. It is a dedicated anti-meat organization.

  • As further example of HSUS’ objectives, the group rolled out its Halt Factory Hog Farms campaign—also in Iowa—last month. The group’s own news release points out that the Care4Iowa Campaign is “an outgrowth of HSUS’ Halt Factory Farms Campaign.

    HSUS officials have stated that the Halt campaign’s goal is to eliminate the use of gestation-sow crates, farrowing stalls, as well as all confinement pork production buildings.   

  •   People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals held an event in Washington, D.C., to show an  “undercover” video of animal-handling activities in slaughterhouses, including hogs. Actor, Alec Baldwin, narrated the video, which included a sow crowded into a gestation crate. Authenticity of the video is questionable. PETA  is challenging Congress to “enforce” the Humane Slaughter Act.

    The Humane Slaughter Act is enforced, this is just PETA’s way to pressure Congress for more action.

  • Farm Sanctuary and HSUS are preparing their strategy for a California initiative to ban gestation-sow crates. The activists need 600,000 signatures to get the proposal on the state’s November 2004 ballot. Earlier this year, California state legislators dismissed a bill proposing such a ban.
  •   At the recent World Pork Congress in Birmingham, England, Raoul Baxter, president of Smithfield Foods Europe, got a taste of PETA’s antics. Minutes into his luncheon speech, a PETA activist ran onstage and threw a pie in Baxter’s face, yelling “Meat Pimp.” She was arrested, but released. 

    Baxter reportedly took the event in stride, joking: “It tastes nice. I can’t wait for lunch.” Then delivered his speech. 

    A PETA spokesperson responded: “We want people to adopt a humane and healthy vegan diet.”